Adoption UK-campaign for better support for adopters and children

A number of key issues facing Scottish adoptive families have been brought to light thanks to a survey carried out by Adoption UK. The three  key issues are: 1. Give every adoptive family the right to support when they need it 2. Give every adopted child the right to additional support in school 3. Give…

Guidance on pre-linking meetings between Children and Adopters

The practise of pre-linking meetings; which were originally developed and used by agencies in  England; is being considered by some Scottish agencies as an approach to family finding. While no formal policy or guidance has been created in Scotland; Coram BAAF have published a best practise guide to pre-linking meetings which could be a valuable…

Evaluation of the Register’s 6th Adoption Activity Day

Scotland’s Adoption Register held it’s 6th Activity Day in March 2018 . Overall the feedback from this event was very encouraging and considerations have been given to how we can continue to make improvements to events we hold in the future. The evaluation can be read via the link below. 6th AAD feedback We will be…

Exchange Day Dates for 2018

Scotland’s Adoption Register will be holding four Adoption Exchange Days in 2018 on the following dates: Friday 23rd February 2018-Nairn- Scottish Highlands Friday 27th April 2018-Hamilton-South Lanarkshire 27th August 2018-Musselburgh-East Lothian Monday 26th November-Stirling   We will send out information and referral forms to agencies 6-7 weeks prior to all events. All adopters are welcome…

Updated and New SAR booklets

Scotland’s Adoption Register has created several helpful booklets over the years; including information on Exchange Days for Adopters, Foster Carers and Agencies. We have recently updated many of these and have also  created a brief guide to the Online Register along with information booklets about Adoption Activity Days for adopters, social workers, foster carers and volunteers. Click…

SAR 2016-17 annual report published

  The Annual report from 1st April 2016-31st March 2017 has now been published and can be accessed here: Annual Report 2016-17   As always, comments and suggestions about how the Register can continue to improve are more than welcome.  

2017 – Adoption Exchange Day dates

Scotland’s Adoption Register’s last Exchange Day of the year will be held on: Thursday 30th November- Albert Hall in Stirling All registration forms and details of the day will be sent out 6 weeks prior to each event day.

How-to Guides to Online Register

Scotland’s Adoption Register has created a selection of how-to guides for agencies to help navigate the transition to the new online system. Follow the links below How to register Profiling a family online  Profiling a child online How to family find online inviting families to join SAR online Managing your email alerts  

Adoption Register Moving to On-Line System on 14th November 2016

Details of the transfer of the Register to an on-line system have been circulated to all Local Authorities and Voluntary Adoption Agencies in Scotland. Subject to the uncertainties that are involved in the development of any new IT project, the system will go live on 14th November. The system can be used from day 1,…

Register’s 300th Match – Minister Meets the Family

To mark the milestone of 300 matches being made through Scotland’s Adoption Register, Mark McDonald, the Minister for Children and Early Years met the family who the child was placed with to hear their story and celebrate the continuing success of the Register in finding families for children: more.

Register Facts & Figures for 2nd Quarter of 2016 -2017

The latest information about activity at the Adoption Register is available here: 2nd quarter report . The figures for the second quarter of 2016-17 show the referrals of children rising slightly form a low base earlier in the year, with the number of adopters referred remaining strong.